Other naming sites

The best Naming sites around

If you have a nice budget for your naming process or you not only need a name and tagline but a logo too; these two sites are worth exploring.

Ink and Key (click to visit)

Ink and Key has a unique approach as a mini crowdsourcing website. Their small team of 8 to 15 creatives takes a personal interest in your company. Because of the diversity of the team, the names will be diverse too. If you need a logo, website, content writing help as well, Ink and Key will help you all the way. They can really launch your business completely! Ink & Key would be the best choice for your business.

Squadhelp (click to visit)

Squadhelp is one of the larger crowdsourcing sites. It's less personal than Ink and Key and not all the names are well thought but you will be able to get a lot of names in a short time period.


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